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DayView OCXCheck out the DayView .Net Component

The DayView OCX is a diary styled daily calender which stores appointments which can be interacted with by the user. The user may visually drag and stretch appointments via the interface. The application program can add appointments in any colour, with different title bars, and different icons. The program can totally change the appearance of the DayView OCX.

The DayView OCX also utilises the April16 SmartSort algorithm. This enables the DayView OCX to display appointments which have an overlapping time period to be displayed logically, without being drawn on top of each other. This can be used to display up to 100 appointments for any given time.

Multiple DayView OCX can be linked together using the application program. This enables a week to be displayed with scrolling linked, as the 'Work Week' in the calender in Microsoft Outlook. This functionality may also be used to show daily appointments for a number of people. Appointments can be dragged and dropped between DayViews.

The DayView OCX can also display the working day, highlighting where appointments are outside business hours. This can be modified via the application program for different days.

"I really like the control, I actually like it over another company's control and it cost over 4 times what I paid for yours. Its much cleaner and easier to use..." - Adam Mascherin

DayView OCX supports:
Hour Sizing.
DataSource Connection.
Icons, backcolor, forecolor, and taskbar color within an appointment.
User moving and re-sizing of appointments .
Appointment SmartSort.
Icon imagelist.
Background colour control, including working day.
Multiple DayView OCX linking.
User time snap.
skinable timebar.
Minute accuracy.
And more.....

Download the fully functional DayView OCX now, pay later.

The DayView OCX costs US$150, UKŁ75, €130. This also entitles the purchaser to receive all updates produced.

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