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NetColor OCX

The NetColor OCX gives your application the ability to convert colors easily and quickly. NetColor OCX converts colors to and from QB, decimal, hex and HTML colors.

The NetColor OCX can quickly provide you program with the color conversion you require. This control is ideal for those developing drawing, web design, editor applications. This control is totally free to use.

The NetColor OCX does the following:
1. Converts decimal format colors to html hex format.
2. Converts QB Color format colors to html hex format.
3. Converts HTML hex format colors to decimal format.
4. Converts HTML hex format colors to Windows hex format.
5. Extracts Red, Green & Blue from a decimal color or a QB Color.

Above are the main features of the NetColor OCX. Download NetColor OCX and it's help file from the downloads page to find out what else it can do.

NetColor OCX costs nothing its totally free to use.

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