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Timers OCX

The Timers control is a set of timers that expand on the timer control supplied with Microsoft Visual Basic. Three more timers which operate exactly as the Microsoft Visual Basic Timer(milliseconds), but the timers in Timers OCX are in seconds, minutes and hours.

The Timer OCX timers also provide more information than the timer supplied with Microsoft Visual Basic. The Value property reports the time that has elapsed for a timer. Example: A minute timer with interval set to 10, will report a value of 5 for the Value property when 5 minutes have elapsed since the timer was enabled. The value property may be changed by the program, perfect for an in-activity timer.

The Wait control adds the ability to hold your program in a set position for set period, while allowing other events to continue to operate. Example: Wait control can be used to hold the program while a user performs an action, or while another program starts or stops.

The SWatch control adds Stopwatch functionality to your application. This control reports how long has past since it was started and how long between the last start and stop times. The Start and Stop times can be accessed for logging operations, and the control reports when it is timing.

Take a look at NetTimers for the Visual Studio version of this suite of controls.

STimer - Second timer.
MTimer - Minute timer.
HTimer - Hour Timer.
Wait - Pause the host application for a set period.
SWatch - Stopwatch control for timing operations.

The Timers OCX suite of controls is a bargain at US$2, UKŁ2, €2.

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